There are a few things to think about when you are ordering your special cake from us.

Portion Size

  • Our cakes are quoted in dessert sized serves. If you are serving your cake with coffee, our dessert serves work out to be two coffee sized serves. Therefore 1 dessert size serve = 2 x coffee/finger serves.

Floral Work

  • We would be happy to quote you on any flowers and floral arranging you need.
  • Alternatively we would be happy to provide your florist with the cake dimensions for them to arrange any flowers for you.
  • Or we can simple quote you on arranging the flowers if your florist can deliver the flowers to us a minimum of 2 days before the wedding day.

Sampling Our Cakes

  • We would love you to try our cakes before you decide which fabulous flavour you would like. We can arrange a sample pack for you to collect in Perth or Margaret River.
  • Cake are samples are free for clients who have booked their cake with us and $10.00 for clients who have not yet booked.