Chocolate and Biscuit Menu

Please note – high quality PETIT FOUR biscuits.

Macaroons – various flavours $26.00 per doz Round shape
Hazelnut Meringue Sabastopol $28.00 per doz Triangle shape
Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies $24.00 per doz Round shape
White Chocolate Chip Cookies $24.00 per doz Round shape
Cinnamon Shortbreads $24.00 per doz Crescent shape
Scottish Shortbreads $22.00 per doz Round shape
Melting Moments $22.00 per doz Square shape
Honey Sponge Dunking Biscuit $22.00 per doz Heart shape
Roasted Coconut Crescents $22.00 per doz Crescent shape
Coconut Sweet Paste Biscuit $22.00 per doz Round shape

Kids cookies on sticks with personalised names and ribbon are $11.00 each

Assorted French macaroons $2.20 each

Dusted Truffles $1.70 each
Choc Coated Truffles $2.50 each
Chocolate Logs $2.20 each

Truffles dusted in 3 different types of finishes or rolled in chocolate
Chocolate logs (dark or milk chocolate ganache on the inside with a rough white chocolate outer)

Flavours are dark, milk, white, and can be flavoured with either :
Coffee Trablit Liquor
Orange Grand Marnier Liquor
Spiced Cinnamon and Cardamom
Hazelnut Praline

Margaret River Truffle layer cake $2.20 per truffle size piece.