The Team – Our Philosophy


Savoury pastries

Dessert maker for Her Majesty the Queen and Invited Guests

Winner of Sunday Times Greatest Chef competition – Dessert Section

Triple medal Winner Full Tasting Salon Culinaire Jersey Channel Islands U.k

Team Member of Gold Medal Margaret River Culinary Team

Best Overall Apprentice Chef Award Perth Salon Culinaire

After sweating it out in some of the globes most demanding cake, dessert, bakery and pastrymaking kitchens, in 1999  Edible Art Cakes in Margaret River, Western Australia was born.

Myself with the assistance of the talented Brittany Searle in the kitchen, Tracy Bonanno in the office and getting her hands dirty when necessary are the team at Edible Art Cakes Margaret River. Our daughter Katie comes in to be a valuable help also.  We wish to remain a small boutique cake and patisserie operation so we can continue to create a high quality product rather than a high volume product.

30 years worth, in this glorious artistic trade of confectionary I have learnt in this game one who thinks he knows it all has become arrogant and blind. The art of Patisserie is a well of discovery that never runs dry.

Carmelo Bonanno

Owner PastryChef

Tracy and Britt